The NEON Trend

Neon is one of those fashion trends that come back in a newer, better avatar every year, and 2021 is no different. Back at the fashion forefront yet again, the resurgence of neon this year has been all about channelling flamboyance and minimalism at the same time, both in perfect proportions.

Here are a few Tips on hopping on to this bandwagon…

1. Picking your color
Speaking of neon – Even though its a versatile color, not every shade fits all. If your shade paler you might want to try a darker tone and if its medium to dark you might want to go with a lighter tone.

2. Pairing Neon
The safest way is to get it paired with neutrals or the classic neon with black.

3. Color Block
If you want to be daring with your neon style try color block. Throw 2 shades of neon together in the form of 2 separate pieces. Do make sure that the two neon hues you’re picking look good when paired together, and ideally one should be a tad brighter than the other. You can also color block with accessories and throw in a orange handbag or green sandals with your outfit

4. The Neon sneak peak
If you don’t want to go all out with neon, you can wear it as the bottom layer under a basic colored outer piece. It a great way to add just a touch of neon to get that pop of color.

5. Neon with animal prints
If you don’t like color block or want to try out something different pairing with an animal print top of bottom is a great option. Trendy but subtle than a color block.

6. Just a hint of Neon
Its ok if you are not yet ready for a full neon commitment. You can always choose to incorporate the smallest yet noticeable hints of neon in your outfit with shoes or accessories.

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