Sailing into Adventure: Pirates Dinner Show in the Sunshine State

If you find yourself in the heart of Orlando, Florida, and seek a adventure that combines delicious dining with high-seas excitement, look no further than the Pirates Dinner Adventure. Situated in the land of theme parks and entertainment, this unique dinner show promises an unforgettable experience for the entire family. Get ready to set sail on a voyage filled with daring stunts, captivating storytelling, and a feast fit for a pirate!

The Venue:

Situated just minutes away from the bustling International Drive, Pirates Dinner Adventure unfolds its captivating tale within the walls of a magnificent pirate-themed setting. Once you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to a world where captivating tales come to life.

The Show:

The heart of Pirates Dinner Adventure lies in its spectacular show, a fusion of theatrical performance and interactive entertainment. As you take your seat around the central stage, you become part of the story. The show unfolds on a full-sized replica of an 18th-century Spanish galleon, complete with towering rigging and a 250,000-gallon indoor lagoon.

Prepare to be dazzled by acrobatic feats, sword fights, and breathtaking aerial performances, all seamlessly integrated into a narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The talented cast, clad in elaborate costumes, brings the pirate world to life, engaging the audience in the epic battle between good and evil. Audience participation is encouraged, making it an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional dinner theater.

The Feast:

What’s a pirate adventure without a hearty feast? Fear not, as Pirates Dinner Adventure delivers on the culinary front as well. Guests can indulge in a delectable three-course meal, carefully prepared to satisfy both landlubbers and seafarers alike. The menu typically features options like BBQ Chicken/Pork, and a vegetarian option for those with dietary restrictions.

The dining experience is unique, with guests being served their meals directly at their seats while enjoying the unfolding drama on the stage. It’s a delightful combination of savory flavors and thrilling entertainment, creating a truly immersive evening for all.

Family-Friendly Entertainment:

One of the standout features of Pirates Dinner Adventure is its family-friendly nature. The show is suitable for all ages, making it an ideal outing for families visiting Orlando. Children, in particular, will be enchanted by the antics, colorful characters, and the opportunity to join in the adventure. The show strikes a perfect balance between excitement and humor, ensuring that both kids and adults have a jolly good time.


For those seeking a unique and entertaining evening in Orlando, Pirates Dinner Adventure is a treasure of fun. Combining a captivating show with a delicious feast, this immersive experience promises to transport you and your family to a world of pirates, treasure, and high-seas excitement. So, set sail for adventure on International Drive and discover why Pirates Dinner Adventure has become a must-visit attraction in the sunshine state!

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