Fun Fact : Perfume was first used by the Egyptians as part of their religious rituals. The two principal methods of use at this time was the burning of incense and the application of balms and ointments.

When you walk into a room – whether it’s a big meeting or a first date – your fragrance sometimes enters first, speaking volumes. Do you agree? DefineMe fragrances has a wonderful line of scents to fit your needs for every occasion.

In addition to gorgeous new packaging, I am a big fan of their scents. Checkout the notes below:

1. Audry – Inspires self-love and a feeling of well-being.
Swell: Peony + Pink Rose. 
Crest: Jasmine + Magnolia Blossom. 
Break: Atlas Cedar + Sandalwood.

2. Clara – Inspires a sense of gratitude and grace.
Swell: Blue Violet + Lily. 
Crest: Hibiscus + Lilac. 
Break: Powder + Oak Moss.

3. Delphine – Inspires creativity and imagination.
Swell: Lilac + Gardenia. 
Crest: Ylang Ylang + Freesia. 
Break: Coconut + Rosewood.

4. Harper – Inspires wanderlust and living with a sense of adventure. 
Swell: Pink Grapefruit + Neroli. 
Crest: Bergamot + Honey. 
Break: Cedar Wood + Amber.

5. Payton – Inspires going after dreams with strength and passion. 
Swell: Orange Blossom + Petitgrain. 
Crest: Mimosa + Cassis. 
Break: Clove Buds + Cocoa. 

6. Sofia Isabel – A free-spirit who embraces life with confidence.
Swell: Mandarin + Tangerine. 
Crest: Black Currant + Jasmine. 
Break: Vanilla + Sugar.  

7. Ariel – A Disney collaboration
This scent is meant to evoke Ariel’s sense of wanderlust, starting with a splash of citrusy neroli and bergamot, flowing into a sweet floral with jasmine and lilac, then crashing with a beachy blend of tonka bean, coconut and driftwood.

In all their first 6 scents they do have a hair fragrance which is the concept I love the most. Also they have a fragrance mist, on the go mist, perfume oil, body polish and mood candles.

So comment down below which one do you think if your fragrance? I personally love Delphine. You can get them on www.definemefragrance.com

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