Who doesn’t like shopping and we tend to shop all year round. So why not use a few quick & simple tips that would save a few bucks each trip and eventually add up to save a ton.
Below are a few Hacks I use while shopping:


This would mean not only the big mid-year/year-end or other holiday sales but also the regular sales section that exists all year long. This helps in 2 ways below:
a. I get to buy the same clothes that were in the new arrivals 2-3 months back at almost a 20-50% discount (I don’t mind if thats not their latest collection – Its new for me!)
Eg: I got this slacks in the picture below for $10 from H&M just a month after it was up for $20
b. I know what I want to buy so as soon as I see it at the price I like, ill buy it saving a a lot of time looking through the entire shop


I know so many of you like to shop in store, feel and try stuff before buying. But I think thats changing. Below are 5 reasons why shopping online is something to consider:
a. You get to look through the entire collection when before you pick your favs
b. There are many promos going on which you can apply online. In some store even multiple on the same order.
c. The sales section is so easy and non messy to shop through
d. You can avail additional cash back (Explained in point 4)
e. So easy to return if you find any issues later – you can just mail them back


There are so many cards in the market which have so many different offers. Sit and think on where do you spend the most and which card or combination of cards would be good for you.
For Eg: I am a moderate shopper and there is no particular group I can think about that I shop for more than others. So I have the master card double cash back card, that gives me 2% cash back on every purchase. I definitely have accumulated considerable money in my cash backs itself.
Also. since I don’t shop or travel like all the time, I have not yet found a good reason to get a credit card to that has annual fees. It might be something to think about!


Do you know there are websites that gives you cash back just by clicking a button through their website to go to your desired store?
The one I like and use id Ebates (Non-Sponsored) – They do have a app plus a website too. You just need to go there and find your desired retailer – It will show you the current cash back for shopping through them. Just click shop and you land on the retailers site. And Voila! – Now whatever you buy, you get a cash back on ebates for the % of the total.
You can also get a $10 bonus the first time you spend $25 on it using my link “https://go.ebat.es/NIKNEH”


Did you know there are websites that offer you giftcards at discounted prices? Ans not only that, they also do give you a 45 day guarantee for them. A few websites I look though are CARDCASH, CARDPOOL and RAISE. I have once snagged an AnnTaylor/Loft gift card for 50% off.

Hope you found all these tips useful. Please let me know in the comments below if you would use any of these or have anymore I could add to mine.

Thank you for reading.


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