At-Home remedies to soothe a teething baby?

Teething toys might be the first thing you try when you realize your baby is teething. It will help them self-soothe and keep themselves entertained. Toys that are specifically designed for teething also give babies something to chomp down on and relieve some of the pressure that incoming teeth have on their gums. However, if the baby is still fussy, here are some more options to try:


Many parents use a pacifier to soothe their babies. And if you put the pacifier in the refrigerator before giving it to your baby it will be even more soothing. Similarly, you can try with a regular small spoon. It needs to be cold/chilled, not frozen.


Use a clean finger or wet gauze to rub your baby’s gums. The pressure can ease your baby’s discomfort.


Serve cold foods such as applesauce, yogurt, and refrigerated or frozen fruit (for babies who eat solid foods) or try giving baby wet washcloth to chew on.


Some babies will not eat while they are teething. This is most likely because of the discomfort. If possible, you should find BPA-free popsicle forms and fill them with milk.
One of the best ones I have known is the Kidsme ICY Moo Moo Teether.

This is an FDA approved, award winning teether perfect for comforting sore gums. Its not only a teether but also make popsicles for your baby using its travel friendly cap. See below how:

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