My typical go-to skirt is a midi skirt especially the ones with asymmetrical hems. They are not long enough to be a maxi skirt but not short enough to be a mini skirt. Midi skirts also have the most “twirl power”. Isnt that true?I’ve always loved longer skirts, but as a teenager and young adult, I didn’t know how to pull them off without looking three times my age. These days, midi skirt styles are so fashionable and come in so many stylish patterns. Checkout a few I recently have been using below:

This is the very first high low skirt I tried. Was surprised on how comfortable it felt to walk and looked super gorgeous. It also had this cute tie detail in the waist which I loved.

Got this one from H&M. Was just $14.99. Perfect for summer and absolutely loved the length. Its print with the palm leaves is quite versatile too.

This one I can say is one of my favs. Again super comfy and it has a rich brown color that will make it a perfect fall skirt.

This one was again from H&M. It has a great thick material but that does make it pricey too. Really loved the color and kinda floral pattern.

Super sleek zebra print skirt. It has an amazing fishtail kinda cut which makes it fit your body.

This is one of my few maxi skirts. But I loved this due to its cute center split pattern and button detail. Even though its maxi, its flowy and fits on the waist really great.

This is a Jacquard mini skirt in bright red. I wear it super infrequently just because the material is super stiff and not very my kind. But it does look cute. Especially if you are petite.

This a definitely a unique piece. Got it from Shein. You wear it like a regular skirt but it has this draped pattern on the front almost like a Indian Saree bottom. Love to have it in my collection.

Below I am sharing some of my favorites under $70




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